About Us

CC Response roots were established in 2014 and our core objective is our commitment to handling the full life cycle of a vehicle accident claim from start to finish. The main services we offer include credit hire, replacement vehicles, vehicle recovery, and storage, claims management, arranging vehicle repairs and recovering uninsured losses.  


We are a total accident management service center consisting of a highly trained and experienced team of legal executives, vehicle damage assessors, knowledgeable claims handlers and skilled road traffic accident investigators.

Our Customers


Our services were originally offered only to the general public whom we felt most needed the assistance of an experienced claims handler following an accident. Many individuals simply don't have the time to keep on top of an insurance company or carry out the necessary inquiries to make sure they are getting the best outcome from their claim. A lot of individuals are often left disgruntled following the conclusion of a claim when it is simply left to the insurer, CC Response was born to help these individuals, we act directly on the behalf of the customer and in their best interests totally independent of any insurance company.


We quickly realized that many small to medium-sized business have exactly the same problem as an individual after an accident, they have limited time and internal resources to allocate to effectively managing a vehicle damage claim. the consequences of a poorly managed claim and unnecessary vehicle downtime can have a real financial impact on a businesses operations and staff. That said, in the last 12 months we have begun reaching out to a variety of businesses including body shops, leasing companies, and car dealerships and effectively any business who runs a fleet of vehicles and would prefer to outsource the claims management process in the unfortunate event of an accident rather than dealing with the task themselves.

Business Enquiries: By Email: tom@ccresponse.co.uk   By Phone: 0161 639 0141

Individual Enquiries: By Email: tom@ccresponse.co.uk   By Phone: 0161 639 0141